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Kick-Off Meeting Glasgow

The Kick-Off Meeting was held in Glasgow on 10th December and 12th December 2019. A welcome meeting to discuss overall planning of the project. A chance for all partners to get to know each other and discuss different contributions to outcome of the project. Also, a chance for local partners to provide an overview of what we do in Scotland. In addition, all partners could give a little insight in good practice procedures in their cities/organisations. 
This meeting was to discuss future plans outwith scheduled meetings, such as online meetings through Skype. In addition how we would meet the agreed outcomes of the Project.  Other essential parts of the project were discussed such as a suitable website address and logo.
The mainland Europe partners had been booked to participate in a trip to Riverside Gardens – a Social Enterprise and Recovery organisation based in Ayrshire, however decided to stay to continue meeting to complete tasks whilst everyone was still in country.  There was discussion around the logo and website and it was agreed that we would use the colours of the Flags of the partners  and that if we used  Red and Blue which are in all the flags and we used particular pantones then  Sweden would be able to print T Shirts/ Promotional Goods . It was agreed that Lena would set up the Pantones and let us know by the end of January .

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